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10 & 30 Yard Drop Box Contract

  1. Account & Billing Information

  2. *Please provide email address so we may mail a receipt to you

  3. *Where is the dumpster being delivered*

  4. *Must call 360.293.1921 for hauls and removal*

  5. Drop Box Size Request:*

  6. **Deposit Required: $368.12**

    Once you have submitted the form we will contact you by phone to receipt in payment. Drop boxes will not be delivered without deposit paid in full.

  7. What is included in your deposit:

    Deliver, 7 day rental, 1 time haul, state refuse taxes

  8. What is NOT included in your deposit:

    Tonnage fees ($98 a ton), extra hauls ($217.15 per haul), daily fees above the 7 days ($19.74 per day), addition state refuse taxes

  9. **Must Read and Accept these Terms & Conditions:

    Terms & Conditions: 1. Delivery: City of Anacortes agrees to deliver a drop box to the job site stated above, retrieve the drop box, and dispose of the materials. 2. Payment: This contract and payment of the delivery fee are required before the drop box can be delivered. The delivery fee includes setup, removal, and applicable fees. The daily fee starts on the 8th day of service. Daily fees, haul fees, and tonnage fees may be billed to the property utility account. Please call (360) 293-1921 for hauls and removal. Solid Waste requires a three-day lead-time for drop box service including delivery, hauls and removal. 3. Damage to Drop Box: The customer is responsible for any and all damage to the container incurred while it is in the Customer’s possession. 4. Indemnity: The Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold City of Anacortes harmless from any and all claims, demands, losses and liabilities to or by third parties relating to bodily injury or property damage involving the container at the job site. 5. Uninspected Loads: City of Anacortes will accept only uninspected loads at the garbage rate. Please call the Solid Waste Department at (360) 293-1921 for the Acceptable Materials List. 6. Garbage Receptacle: All job sites, by law, are required to have a garbage receptacle. This is the responsibility of the Customer. The Customer or a garbage service provider can do hauling of this receptacle. 7. Assignment: This contract may NOT be assigned to any other person or company without the express written and signed consent of the other party. This prohibition of assignment applies not only to the assignment of rights to compel performance but also to the assignment of any claim or cause of action, including but not limited to claims for breach of contract, tort and indemnification. Drop Box Rules: • Drop boxes must be accessible to the collection vehicle and placed on approved level surface with unobstructed access. • Drop boxes must be loaded evenly; not be overloaded; only fill to designated fill line. • Drop boxes must dump by gravity; Solid Waste crew personnel will not remove waste. • Styrofoam, sawdust, and loose materials must be bagged and tied securely closed. • Weight of drop box and collection trucks may cause damage to surfaces. • Solid asphalt roofing material may only be filled halfway due to weight restrictions Prohibited Materials: • No wood longer than 2 feet or larger in cross section than 4’ x 4’ • No material with asbestos content • No large car parts or metal except small toys, food containers, etc. • No furniture or appliances (special haul – call 293-1921) • No rocks, blocks, concrete or metal pipe. • No medical waste • No batteries, hazardous waste, paint or toxic materials • No animal waste or carcasses • No oil, grease, antifreeze, or solvents • No yard waste (including sod, brush, etc.) • No materials containing excessive amounts of water

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