What is the permitting process for new buildings, additions, and remodels?

The permitting process requires that the applicant prepare and submit material as shown on the permit application. A complete application will include all applicable code-required information including, but not limited to, zoning code, building code, plumbing code, mechanical code, drainage ordinance, street improvement code, critical areas code, and fire code.

Applications are reviewed on a first in, first out schedule. Each department will prepare comments concerning any code related deficiencies found through the plan review process. The comments are then emailed to the applicant who is then responsible for modification of the documents as necessary to satisfy the identified code issues. When the corrected documents are returned for further review, they will be scheduled for review shortly after delivery to the permit center. When all code issues have been addressed, the permit is prepared for issue and may be obtained by the applicant with payment of applicable fees.

At this time, we schedule inspections for either morning or afternoon. All work must be inspected and approved prior to cover. When all required inspections are completed, a certificate of occupancy is issued for the project indicating that the community code requirements have been satisfied.

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