Can I build a "tiny home"?
  • The main barrier to building a "tiny home" is that structures must follow Labor & Industries’ guidelines for pre built structures. Check out L&I’s FAQ page linked below for more information. If it has been built and inspected in an approved factory, to be considered a permanent structure, and follow allowances as a residence, any wheels must be removed, it must be attached to a permanent foundation, and a title elimination would be completed.
  • If you are building your own "tiny" home on the lot, it must follow applicable building codes, and be inspected as work is completed, dictated by the building department. 
  • If you want to put a tiny home on a lot that that already has a single family residence, the two points above apply, but it was also follow the City of Anacortes Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Code. Please see the Anacortes Municipal Code for these requirements.

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