Why must reservations for campsites at Washington Park be made at least 14 days in advance?

The 2-week minimum is based upon our 14-day stay limit. If a site does go unreserved, we then place it in our first come, first served pool. The 14-day minimum then ensures no reservations are made on sites now occupied by other campers. We work hard to keep our fees reasonable, and our 14-day reservation minimum requires staff to update reservable sites once a day, thereby not having to have a person dedicated to real-time tracking of site availability, and ensuring those that do travel long distances that their site is theirs exclusively, guaranteed for the 2-week stay limit. 

Unlike State Parks, by maintaining some first come, first served sites, we create opportunities for the last minute camping trip. Customer response to this policy is well received and many of our campers don't have to make reservations and can use the park on a whim. We do have a dedicated phone line, 360-293-1927, that campers can call to check on current site availability. The typical State Park reservation must be made at least 8 months prior to the planned camping trip. Our current policies on reservations and first come, first served sites have been well received by most people and has increased camping revenues significantly.

Please contact the Parks and Recreation office for more information 360-293-1918.

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