Project Status

2018 Wastewater Treatment Plant Projects

The projects listed below are in addition to normal daily operations of running the Wastewater Treatment plant.

Incinerator Cross Over Duct

The biggest project this year was replacing the crossover duct, expansion joints and tube sheet on the heat exchanger on the Incinerator.  After 26 years of operation, the equipment needed repair. 

A large crane was used to remove the old equipment.  The project required 5 days of 24/7 shift work by the contractor with plant staff working around the clock while the contractor was on site. With the incinerator shut down for this length of time, it took 5 days to heat up and burn the stockpiled sludge.

There was extensive planning and coordination to accomplish this project within the short turnaround window available.

Secondary Clarifier

Preparations were made to rebuild the Secondary Clarifier drive mechanisms after 26 years of service.  After evaluation it was found they are in excellent condition and do not need to be rebuilt. While the Secondary Clarifier was down, staff took the opportunity to perform a thorough inspection, replace seals, shields and valves in the clarifier.

Telemetry Upgrades

The telemetry upgrade was a two year project; the wastewater treatment pump stations were upgraded and the pump stations are in Fiber Ready status.  There are no pump stations communicating with the radio telemetry (old system).

Each pump station has unique operating conditions, individual set-points and configurations requiring testing and careful scrutiny to ensure all aspects of the programming and control system are reliable and work properly following each upgrade.