Activate Service

New Construction 

If you are ready to activate service at a new construction home, please email Utility Billing or call 360-293-1909.

New Property Owner

If you are a new property owner the Title Company should contact us at the time of closing for your new home. We will update the account at that time, regardless of when possession changes. For existing homes, we do not normally stop any service between owners. We will need your mailing address and contact telephone number. You can email Utility Billing or call 360-293-1909 with this information. 

You may wish to change your solid waste service options when you take possession of your property. 

Please note that your utility account number will change if you move or your home sells.

Renting or Leasing

If you are renting or leasing it is up to the property owner or manager to add you on to the account so you receive the utility bill. The owner or property manager will need to submit a Tenant / Property Manager Form (PDF). All the services are ongoing and should be in place; we do not normally stop and restart any service between tenants.