Maintain complete and accessible engineering records, design and construct robust public improvements, and partner with the private sector to preserve the quality of life and promote the economic vigor of the community.

Roads & Utilities

The city owns and maintains the street, water, sewer, and storm drainage systems. The engineering division makes sure these systems are built properly in the first place.

Yellow Construction Truck with Rocks

The City Engineer establishes standards for construction methods and materials. Before the city issues a permit for the work, our engineers examine the construction plans and specifications to ensure they meet city standards. During construction, the public works inspector ensures the work proceeds according to the approved plans and specifications. The engineering division plans and schedules the city’s major public works construction projects. They prepare cost estimates and secure funding from the City budget and / or grants. The engineering division either designs the project in-house, or selects a design consultant and oversees the consultant’s work. When the project is planned, funded, and designed, the engineering division manages the construction.

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City property that is dedicated to transportation and / or utilities is called right-of-way. To protect our transportation and utility systems, work in the right-of-way is prohibited without a permit. The engineering division reviews permit applications, issues permit approvals, and inspects the work to ensure it complies with permit requirements.

Traffic Engineering

The engineering division provides traffic engineering and traffic safety expertise.