Appliance Rebates

If your new years resolution includes saving energy and money, you’re in luck. Anacortes Community Energy (ACE) is continuing to offer appliance rebates for dishwashers, toilets and washing machines. If you purchase an energy efficient model of any of these appliances and send in the receipt with the completed application we’ll reimburse you $50. Our goal is to save 1 million gallons of water per year.

This energy saving effort is a part of the “Just Do One Thing” campaign aimed at encouraging all Anacortes citizens to make simple  changes in their lives to lower energy consumption. In the case of water, turn off the faucet while washing your hands. Wash clothes in cold water, rather than hot. Conserve your use of hot water when washing dishes. Make sure the dishwasher is full before turning it on.

Conserving water helps us all, and appliance rebates puts money back in your pocket. That’s a win-win. Reducing your energy consumption is a smart investment for yourself, your family, and our city. Let’s be part  of the solution.

Additional Information

For more information or questions, talk to a friendly Public Works Department employee at 360-293-1919, or if you prefer, by email.