City of Anacortes Public Works employees are committed to providing world class service. Our scope of responsibilities is far reaching affecting residents, businesses, and visitors every day. When you walk on a sidewalk, drive down a street, draw water from the tap, take your solid waste can to the street, or use a restroom you are benefiting from services provided by the City of Anacortes Public Works Department. 


The Public Works Department manages the construction of streets and sidewalks, water lines, sewer lines and storm sewer lines; the production and distribution of water to the region; the maintenance of our streets and sidewalks and street signs; the maintenance of our storm water and sewer system; the purchase and maintenance of the vehicle and equipment fleet for the all city departments; the maintenance, repair and construction of all city-owned buildings; and the management of all activities within the public right-of-way ranging from street vacations to parades.

Department Updates

Use the following link see the 2024 Public Works Division Update presentation. PW 2024 Update Presentation

Use the following link if you would like to watch the full presentation from the 2/12/24 council meeting. The Public Works Update starts at 00:53:57. 2/12/24 Council Meeting