Lost & Found Animals / Impound Fees

Lost & Found Animals

Please report lost or found animals through dispatch by calling 360-428-3211. Found dogs will be picked up by the Animal Control Officer or an available Patrol Officer.

If the dog is not wearing a current City of Anacortes dog license, it will be taken to the city pound and held for 72 hours. Cats are not picked up unless they are sick, injured or deceased. Unclaimed animals may be adopted out, taken to a rescue organization or euthanized (depending on a variety of factors).

If the dog is wearing a current City of Anacortes license, and time permits, Officers will attempt to return it home. This will save the owner the cost of impound fees and will keep the dog out of the city pound.

It is very important to report a missing pet right away. If you report a lost pet and it is not in our custody, the information will be added into our file of lost pets (to be used as a reference when an animal is reported found).

Impound Fees

Before an animal may be released from the city pound the following fees must be paid to the Anacortes Police Department:

  • Impound fee of $35 for the first day
  • Boarding cost of $15 each additional day
  • Licensing fee, if applicable
  • Rabies vaccination fee of $17.50, if applicable
  • Emergency medical expenses due to illness, injury, or disease, if applicable
  • Cost of Rabies quarantine, if applicable

Note that all redemption fees are the obligation of the owner even if the animal is abandoned or relinquished.