Special Collections

Dominic Manieri Jazz & Swing Collection

The Dominic Manieri Jazz and Swing Collection has an outstanding selection of music CDs, DVDs and books. This collection is actively developed through the Manieri Endowment. In addition to building the collection, the Endowment funds other projects to promote the understanding and appreciation of jazz and swing including programs, performances, and partnering with other organizations such as the Anacortes School District. The Endowment also fosters opportunities for local jazz and swing musicians and for students interested in pursuing a music education. For more information about the Dominic Manieri endowment and the library's jazz collection, go to Jazz at the Library.

Books & Marine Charts

The Maritime Collection offers an extensive compilation of books and marine charts. Sailing and power crafts, boat building and repair, education and skills, true adventure, native and local lore are all part of what is available for checkout.