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Global Road Warrior

Global Road Warrior

175 Countries-from A to Z. Culture, communications, travel, business and maps. Visit Global Road Warrior

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The Easiest Way to Learn Foreign Languages

Mango Languages

Mango is an online language learning system teaching practical conversation skills for a variety of popular languages. Increase your ability to use language skills through engaging interactive lessons that are fast, fun and easy. Mango is the most effective way to learn to speak a foreign language. Click the mango icon to the left, set up an account using your own email and password, and travel the world through language learning. View Mango Languages


A to Z World Travel

A to Z features 202 world city travel guides covering 67 topics each. The travel guides cover a multitude of topics that are of interest to those planning international travel. Topics include pre-trip planning, points of interest, excursions, neighborhoods, restaurants, nightlife, as well as health and safety.

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A to Z World Food

The world’s largest and most comprehensive database of food and food culture for 174 countries. This proprietary database includes 884 food culture articles, 6,500 traditional recipes, 545 ingredient articles, historical timelines, glossaries, and 2,000 food quotes. Lavishly illustrated with 14,000 photos.

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Gale Database - Hospitality and Tourism

Discover well-rounded coverage of both the historical and current state of affairs in the hospitality and tourism industries.

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