Utility Services

**COVID-19 – Utility Billing Payment Relief Options**

Per Governor Inlsee's order 20-23.4, the city has modified its Utility Billing disconnect procedures and is currently not disconnecting services for lack of payment.

In an effort to assist overdue utility billing accounts to become paid, we ask that you avail yourself of the following resources:

The City is also going to offer a Utility Billing payment plan that will coincide with the end of the Governor’s order, and the restarting of the Utility shutoff procedures, once there is a firm date set (in a state of flux at this moment).

However, our eligibility and documentation requirements must meet federal Covid-19 regulations and require time to process. We will work with each customer on a case by case basis to verify that Covid-19 is the cause of the economic hardship, and develop a payment plan. Once a payment plan is established, it will be imperative to adhere to it to avoid future service disconnection.

An application will be available as soon as possible in this Utility Services area. Please check back for further information and application instructions.

More information regarding regular utility billing and disconnect procedures can be found on the City’s utility billing website, and in the City’s Municipal Code.

City’s Municipal Code sections: 

More information on Covid-19, and available statewide resources, can be found at: https://coronavirus.wa.gov/what-you-need-know/safe-start

**Receive $2.00 Discount on your Utility Bill**

Here is how to receive the discount:

  • Sign-up for Auto Paythrough the City using your Checking Account
    • Payments set-up through Payments are NOT eligible
    • Payments made through your bank are NOT eligible 
  • Sign-up for Paperless billing through the Payments portal

Once these two criteria are meet you will receive the discount. If you are already set-up that way it will appear on your next billing. 

*Please note: if these two criteria change the discount will be reversed and the fee added back into your billing.*

By saving the City money on fees associated with electronic payments and mailing, this savings is passed straight back to you, our valued citizens

Utility Billing Statements

The City of Anacortes bills monthly for water, sewer, storm drain, refuse, recycling, organics, and fiber. City of Anacortes utility rates are established by resolution.

Your meter is read on the first of each month. This covers the billing for the prior month. Bills are mailed out by the 15th of the month following service and are due on the last business day of the month following service. The due date is printed on the bill. If you make a payment after the due date, the next billing statement may include the past due balance.

Paperless Billing

To sign up for paperless billing, register with our online payment system and select the Paperless option. You may still pay your bill by any acceptable payment method but an online account is required for you to view an electronic bill rather than receiving a paper bill in the mail. 

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