CDBG Projects

Gentry House Adult Day Care Center

The Gentry House has been a great success for the citizens of Anacortes. The project consisted of refurbishing and modernizing an existing house to provide day care to accommodate adults suffering from severe disabilities such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Work was completed almost entirely by volunteer labor and material costs were funded with City CDBG funding. The Gentry House provides a supervised daytime program where adults with special needs can participate in a supportive group setting and allow the caregivers a much needed break from the daily care of a disabled family member.

Gentry House

28th Street Playgound

28th Street Playground Adjacent to Low Income Apartment Complex: The City proposed an upgrade to the playground located adjacent to a low  income apartment complex at 2011 28th Street. The playground was approximately 25 years old and had never been updated. The project included design and engineering costs, installation of permanent play equipment, and installation of a concrete pathway surrounding the play area for bicycle riding and walking. This project was a funded with CDBG funding from 2011 ($52,311) and 2012 ($59,363). The project was completed in 2012 at a total cost of $102,362.25 in CDBG funding.

28th Street Playground with volunteers