South Fidalgo Water System Transfer

S. Fidalgo Water System Transfer Area

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Why is the transfer of water service taking place?

The Fidalgo Island Water System (FIWS) was established in 1956 when residents of several Similk Bay-area neighborhoods created Local Utility District No. 2 and asked Skagit Public Utility District to build and operate the water system to be funded by water rates. The system expanded in 1961 to include Gibralter and Dewey Beach.

Skagit PUD and Anacortes have worked for nearly four years on transferring the Fidalgo Island Water System (FIWS) ownership from the PUD to the city. Due to the proximity of the FIWS to other retail service areas of the Anacortes water system, both entities agreed that transferring the FIWS would improve maintenance and emergency response times while resulting in economic and water service-related efficiencies in the continued operation, maintenance, and improvement of the FIWS.

2. How will the transfer of water service affect my water rates and charges?

Everyone consumes water differently, but our customers typically pay between $40 & $75 for water based on low to average consumption. The base rate for residential customers is $37.40 and consumption charges are about $0.04 per cubic foot. 

We do not offer disconnection for customers not occupying a home in the winter. Even with zero consumption of water, customers will be billed for base water rates each month.

3. Will there be any changes to the billing and payment process after the transfer?

Below is an example of the City of Anacortes bill. Bills are processed the first week of every month for the previous service month. We take an actual read of the meter, so you are only being charged for water used. The city bill will arrive monthly around the 15th and is due on the last business day of each month. Payments can be made through automatic payment with your checking account, online by debit or credit card, or by mail. Like Skagit PUD, we also use the online Paymentus portal for online and phone payments. If you wish to make payments online and/or set up paperless billing, you will need to establish a new account through the City of Anacortes website after you receive your first statement.

Tenants/Owner Accounts – Unlike PUD, the City of Anacortes utilities transfer automatically with a Property Title transfer, therefore the owner is ultimately responsible for any unpaid utilities by a tenant. If you are a landlord or property manager with a water utility in South Fidalgo, please contact us to ensure your name is on the account to be notified if your tenant is behind on payment.

Utility bill sample

4. Will the water quality or standards change with the transfer?

The FIWS provides water to Similk and Dewey Beach, Gibralter, Fidalgo Heights, and Summit Park, serving 732 residential and commercial connections. Currently, Skagit PUD purchases water through an interconnection with the City of Anacortes, the source being the Skagit River in Mount Vernon. Water is filtered and chlorinated at the City of Anacortes water treatment plant on Riverbend Road. No fluoride is added. As a customer, you shouldn’t notice any change in water quality following the transfer. It’s the same water that you are presently receiving. However, you may experience a slight increase in water pressure due to system efficiencies.

5. Will there be any disruptions or interruptions to my water supply during the transfer?

In October, the City will install new meters in your service area. During installation, you will temporarily be without water service for a few minutes while workers exchange the new meter. 

6. Will I need to update my contact or account information during the transfer process?

All PUD customers will be assigned a new City of Anacortes account number during this transfer. PUD is providing us with the most up to date information at the time of the transfer. When you receive your first statement, please contact us with any corrections needed. 

Email –

Phone – 360-293-1909

7. What steps should I take if I have concerns or issues during or after the transfer?

We’re working to make the transfer process as seamless as possible for customers. If questions arise about water use or billing before October 18th, please get in touch with the Skagit PUD Customer Service team at (360) 424-7104. After October 18th, you will need to contact the Anacortes Finance Department at (360) 293-1909 for utility billing or service questions.

8. Can I opt out of the transfer and continue receiving service from Skagit PUD?

Customers cannot opt out of the transfer. After October 18th, the City of Anacortes will become your water service provider. Skagit PUD will no longer be a water purveyor on Fidalgo Island.

9. How can I stay updated and informed about the progress of the transfer and any related announcements?

In mid-September, the City of Anacortes will contact customers about their new accounts, including information about billing statements, online payment options, and rate information. Please continue to check this Frequently Asked Questions page. We’ll update the FAQ page with more information as the October 17th date approaches.

10. Will fluoride be added to our water?

No, fluoride will not be added. Fluoride is only in Anacortes customers’ water due to a vote in the ~1970s by Anacortes residents to add fluoride to their water. 

11. Why are my meters being replaced?

The fliers below will explain the new meter upgrades!

flier 1
Flier 2