CDBG-CV Washington State Dept. of Commerce Funding

The City received applied for and received state CDBG-CV funding in the amount of $24,968 to fund 2 projects to prepare for, prevent and respond to the Coronavirus. City staff worked with the Housing Authority to help fund a rental relief program from some of its tenants and city staff from the Anacortes Senior Center for a project that would benefit home-bound seniors. Those projects are:

Anacortes Senior Center - during the shutdown, several senior center programs were offered virtually via Zoom. In October 2021, the center began offering hybrid (in person and virtual) programs for seniors and the quality of the hybrid options were improved with the addition of a meeting OWL Pro camera that includes a microphone, speakers, and 360-degree camera. 

There are approximately 75 Anacortes seniors the Center continues to reach every week via virtual programs. This program is very successful but needs further equipment to ensure the quality of program. The program provides seniors with active participation in social, educational, and physical activities through remote learning and helps keep seniors active while remaining safe from possible exposure to Covid. Funding for this project will be $16,895

The Anacortes Housing Authority requested rent relief to assist 3 families, a total of 11 individuals. Funding for this project will be $8,073. This activity was a great success - 3 families were provided funding to cover their past rent that was in arrears for 3 months. The families were able to stay in their homes and eventually return to work and are now current in their rental obligations. 

The funding was originally intended for a Covid vaccine project that would bring the vaccine to homebound seniors and disabled individuals. This project did not work out and the funding was directed to the above projects. Both projects have been a great success for the community and those that benefited directly. 

Project documents are available for review:

Amended Agreement

Public Hearing Notice on Funding Performance

Activity Costs