What to Expect During Installation 


Approximately a week before your scheduled appointment for installation our fiber technicians will either come by to put locate marks down or locate the telephone pole we will utilize for your installation.  You will not need to be home for this work to be completed. 

Underground Installations

*Our technicians will spray paint in white the proposed route we intent to install fiber.  These white lines are referred to as “locates”.  We request all utilities come out and place locates for their existing services as well.  This will ensure that when we are installing, the fiber will not interfere with any other services that you may have.  More information can be found at: https://www.anacorteswa.gov/787/Call-Before-You-Dig

Aerial Installations

 *Some homes will receive their fiber from an aerial drop. There will be a utility pole that the fiber line will be strung from and then terminated to a fiber box on the side of the home. 

Day of Installation

We will need the homeowner to be present for the entire installation appointment.  Our fiber technicians will arrive at your home or business in a clearly marked City of Anacortes vehicle. Our technicians wear Access- Anacortes Fiber Internet clothing.  Your installation team will meet with you to go over what you can expect.  This is a good time to go over any questions or concerns that you may have.  

Exterior Work


*We have previously installed a small vault outside within a two-house radius. Each vault will house fiber for up to two homes. 

*A small trench will be dug from each vault to the side of your house where it will terminate into a fiber box that is mounted on the exterior of the house.  This box is usually placed in the same vicinity as your electrical meter.


*Our team will be using a bucket truck to reach the utility pole to string the fiber to the exterior of the home or business where it will terminate into a fiber box.  This box is usually placed in the same vicinity as your electrical meter. We will only use an aerial drop if your house is currently serviced this way by other utilities.

Interior Work

*Once the Fiber line is terminated into the fiber box, we will drill a small hole to push the fiber through to gain inside access. We will then come inside and install another small outlet box where the fiber enters. 

*We will sometimes use a product called “InvisiLight” -- this is a very thin line that can be placed on baseboards, walls, or door areas to place the fiber into another area. 

*If you have selected to supply your own router, we will request it at this time. We will hook up our modem and the router provided. If you have selected to use our Managed WiFi option, this unit will have both the modem and router in a single unit. 

*Our technician will reach out to our network administrator to finish the installation and confirm that you are receiving service. A variety of tests will be completed to make sure your new fiber internet is working correctly.  Once it is confirmed that the system is working properly you will be asked to sign a Service Agreement document. 

Our Team works to ensure your home is minimally altered. They will return the landscaping back to its original state. In fact, you may not be able to tell that the work happened.  We will clean up all areas where work was completed before we leave.  We do not hire sub-contract installation and are appreciate that our fiber technicians are City of Anacortes employees.