2021 Slurry Seal project

2020-07-29 DOOLITTLE 02


The City of Anacortes Public Works Department will continue its annual plan to slurry seal neighborhood streets with this year's work encompassing 4.19 miles near 41st Street from A to N Avenues.

Streets charts
Slurry map cropped


Preparation work, such as crack sealing, patching and catch basin repairs, is going on now.

Doolittle Construction LLC of Bellevue is expected to begin the actual slurry seal last August and complete the project within a week or two. Several streets will be done each day from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. with more details forthcoming as the project gets closer, including a schedule of which streets will be done on which day so residents may prepare. 

Slurry seal is a specialized material that cannot be applied during wet conditions. If rain occurs, the streets scheduled for that day will move to the end of the project time period. This way all other areas will stay on schedule.

What the project means for residents

This work goes fast - the impact to any resident is one-day; however, during that one day residents and other drivers will NOT have access to and cannot park cars on their street prior to or when the work is being done as well as for a time after the slurry seal application – up to 8 hours. 

We are asking residents, who need to leave or return to their home on the day their street is scheduled, to park their cars on other nearby streets and walk to them while staying off the roadway.

About slurry seal

Slurry seal is an asphalt emulsion mixed with fine sand and gravel spread out on the roadway. Eight hours (maximum wait time, may be less) after application, the road is ready to drive on.

Project benefits

Slurry is available for a much lower cost than rehabilitating or rebuilding the road. Slurry sealing a street is comparable to painting a house every few years. Paint to a house, like seal to a street, protects against weather deterioration, prevents water infiltration and improves aesthetics. 

Why some streets are slurry sealed and others are not depends on their condition rating. An A grade street is excellent and an F grade street a failure. D and F grade streets warrant more extensive repair and cannot be helped by slurry seal. B and C grade streets can benefit from slurry seal since they are not in too poor a condition.