Depot Plaza Restroom[COMPLETED]

Depot Restroom Opening

The project is complete and the restroom is open daily to the public from 6:00am to 7:00pm. 

A stand-alone restroom unit is being constructed on the north end of the Depot Plaza at 611 R Ave, Anacortes. The Depot Master Plan states the need for the exterior restroom to support large scale events such as the Anacortes Farmers Market. The City of Anacortes applied for an Economic Development Grant through Skagit County to fund the construction of the restroom. A prefabricated (CXT) structure will be placed in the designated site.

We would like to thank Skagit County for funding the grant. The Port of Anacortes for letting us access their property during constructions and Dakota Creek Industries for helping us remove the Boxcar.


Details of the Restroom Unit

CXT manufactures a multitude of different prefabricated restroom units. They are designed to fit several different applications; the unit being placed at the Depot Plaza will be somewhat customized. This unit will have a room with commercial sinks for the Farmers Market to use. The rest of the unit will have a separate Female and Male restroom which will open towards the plaza.


Timeline of the Project

  • 2019 (Fall) – Skagit County grant awarded
  • 2020 (February) – Boxcar removed north end of plaza.
  • 2020 (Spring/Summer) – Site construction plan engineered, bid documents prepared, building permits applied for, and specific styles of prefabricated restroom units are researched.
  • 2020 (July) – City Council approves purchasing of the CXT prefabricated restroom unit.
  • 2020 (August/September) – Site construction goes out to bid. City Council awards bid.
  • 2020 (October/November) – Construction begins at the location in preparation for the prefabricated restroom delivery.
  • 2021 (early February) - Delivery and installation of prefabricated CXT restroom unit.
  • 2021 (March/April) - Restroom complete and open to the public.


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  1. Dustin South

    Recreation Manager