Children's Activities

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Looking for things to to besides sitting around and twiddling your thumbs? You’re in luck! The document below has dozens of online resources in a variety of topics.

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Small World Sensory Play
Fill a container with sand or dirt – maybe you have a sandbox? Your child can add sticks, flowers, rocks, small toys/animals/trucks and make a tiny world. They might even build a house out of things you found in your yard.

Washing Station Sensory Play
For an easy sensory station, fill up a bucket, sink or large tupperware container with warm soapy water. You may want to put a bath towel underneath. Add kitchen utensils, small toys, whatever you have handy. Try seeing which items sink and which items float! Or just have fun playing in the bubbles.

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Here are some games to play from home until we can meet again in person. Have fun finding items inside and outside with your family. Click on the links below to print the scavenger hunts.