The Access - Anacortes Fiber Internet team has assembled and is focused on bringing reliable, fast, and affordable Internet service to your home or business. While we’ll be working closely with outside contractors and consultants to provide all of the perks of a large Internet Service Provider, our in-house team was put together with the unique needs of our community in mind.

Fiber team 220202 - 03 (002)

Schuh, Emily - 2018_1

Emily Schuh, Department Director

J Lemberg Casual headshot

Jim Lemberg, Fiber Manager

Henry, Kimberly - 2018_1

Kimberly Henry, Fiber Business Coordinator


Other Acknowledgements

We’d also like to acknowledge and express our gratitude for the assistance and support we’ve received from the City Finance, Public Works, Legal, and IT departments, as well as the many other City staff and City partners that have helped make this project a reality. We couldn’t do this without you!