Anacortes History Calendar

Anacortes is now over 120 years old - that amounts to over 43,800 days that this little town has kept the lights running. Every one of these days is a piece of history and everyday history is made. We want to come together and remember the defining moments in our town’s colorful history. For as many days of the year as possible, we want to memorialize at least one historical event related to Anacortes. With so many days to sift through however, we need all the help we can get. If you have a date that you would think is significant to Anacortes history, please e-mail us at If the project interests you and you’d like to do some research work yourself, check and search for dates in quotation marks (i.e. “October 4” or “10-4”) to see if there’s any we missed. Additionally you can come into the museum from 10-4 PM Tuesday through Saturday or 1-4 PM on Sunday to search for dates in our official research library. Before any of that, check out what we have so far, today may be more special than you realized.